Matrix: La teoria dell’organizzazione umana – TOU

di Gianni Rinaudo


La teoria dell’organizzazione umana, TOU – di A.Rubbo Muller, antropologo brasiliano, laureatosi ad Oxford nel 1946 – complessificata dal Prof. Waldemar de Gregori.
S01-KINSHIP Sexuality. Procreation. Family. Marriage. Housing. Parents. Community. Institutes for family welfare. Construction companies.
S02-HEALTH Survival. Health. Hygiene. Health services. Health products. Health centers. Ministry of Health. Bio-medical faculties
S03-MAINTENANCE Restoration of energies. Supporting oneself. Attaining well being. Food, Beverages. Clothing. Cooking. Ministry of Commerce. Supply centers.
S04-AFFINITY Relationships. Union. Love. Solidarity. Association Friends. Associations. Clubs. Societies. Department of Cooperatives. Department of Syndicates.
S05-LEISURE Joy. Rest. Enjoyment. Happiness. Vacations. Feasts. Parks. Sports. Ministry of Culture. Department of Tourism.
S06-COMMUNICATIONS Information. Communication. Mobility. Languages. Printing. Mail. Transport. Information Sciences. Ministry of Communications. Ministry of Transport.
S07-EDUCATION Learning. Qualification. Recycling. Schools. Laboratories. Libraries. Books. Ministry of Education.
S08-OWNERSHIP Possession, exchange and use of satisfactors. Salary. Money. Savings. Financing. Social Security. Ministry of Finance. Banks. Savings and Loans.
S09-PRODUCTION Obtaining, creating and adapting satisfactors. Business. Factories. Land. Mines. Equipment. Work. Ministry of Mines, Energy, Agriculture, Industry.
S10-RELIGIOUS Cosmic union, faith, hope, eternal life. Religions. Rituals. Spiritual freedom. Episcopal Conference. Council of Churches.
S11-SECURITY Security, protection. Peace. Strength. Armed forces. Police. Prisons. Weapons. Ministry of Defense.
S12-POLITICAL ADMINISTRATIVE Power. Organization of the triadic game. Freedom. Community organization. Political parties. Public service. Ministry of Government. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
S13-JURIDICAL Norms. Regulation of the game. Proportionality Moral and legal code. Juridical services. Courts. Ministry of Justice. Supreme Court.
S14-RANKING Maximocracy. Identity. Prestige. Honor. Contests. Prizes, Titles. Diplomas. Monuments. Canonization. Nobel, ISO, Merit committees
Analizzare e pianificare secondo la TOU permette di considerare la complessita’ della realta’, tanto piu’ che ogni sistema e’ uno piu’ gli altri 13, tautologia.Tutti hanno la medesima importanza.
In ogni iniziativa o altro che si pianifica ed analizza vi e’ il sistema centrale, asse e di conseguenza gli egemonici ecc… Il quadro sovra-esposto e’ solo la seconda dimensione della TOU. Bisogna ancora inserire la prima e la terza dimensione al fine di rappresentare compiutamente il quadro di riferimento globale.

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