Manifesto della Proporzionalità in lingua inglese




      This Manifesto emerges from the breakdown of the Modern Age and signs of a transition to a Post-Modern or Globalization Age. The cycle of the last 500 years was triggered by the Protestant/Bourgeois Revolution mainly by Anglo-Saxon European countries that established the actual model of State, of market, and that of a scientific and religious new project. In the midst of such an innovative cycle, England imposed its imperial hegemony. During World Wars I and II, the British had to submit to US hegem-ony, forming an Anglo-American Empire.

      The British Empire and its model of democracy, of free liberal market, of rational-ity and Protestant Messianic ethics underwent religious, scientific, economic and politi-cal attacks from everywhere but always ended up the winner. Among the most remark-able events of this ongoing rebellion against the British, it is worth mentioning, were the religious wars launched by the Catholic Church’s empire; wars led by Napoleon in pur-suit of his project for a French Empire; and the two world wars instigated by Germany in reaction to the British Empire’s restraints on its industrialization. The last and most dam-aging challenge was an ideological one, a war of dialectics by writers Hegel, Marx, and Engels, the Communist Manifesto, and the USSR’s Revolution aiming to supersede the Protestant/Capitalist Anglo-American Empire. But the battle was lost by 1990 and so was the world’s balance of power.

      Since then, the arrogance of the Anglo-American Empire mounted to the heav-ens with the explicit inclusion of Israel. To its Messianic and ideological discourse on the “law of the fittest”, the free market and the “end of History” it has proceeded to talk down to the losers and establish the predatory Washington Consensus and the TRIMs (Trade-Related Investment Measures). The world counterattacks with little more than slogans against globalization, with ideological emptiness and the absence of any alter-native project.

      To really confront the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire, a new theory or idea for a re-founding project is needed to propitiate humanity, offering a new perception of itself and of the present times. Only from a new approach and a new self image will humanity as a whole be able to set forth a new project for a new world order. One possible project is this Proportionality Manifesto. As a new theoretical paradigm this Manifesto resorts to concepts like the following:

Tri-unity, Triune Principle. The basic assumption about the mode of existing, working, or self-transforming of energy states that energy is a three-sided, self-organizing and self-propelling system at any level of complexity. This implies that beings are triadic en-ergy systems in motion and interplay that form nets within the whole ecosystem’s net. Other words for tri-unity or the triune concept are: triplets, triads, tripods, triangles, trip-licity, trilateralism, trifocality, tridimensionality. Hence “triune brain”; “triune game”; “tri-une groups” (three subgroups), “win-win-win proportionality”, and so on.

Triune Game (derived from the Triune Principle). It is a new concept covering any kind of interplay among three (or more that can be reduced to groups of three but not less) mutually constructive/destructive players or “actors”. The dominant one is named the of-ficial side or subgroup; the challenger is named the anti-official; and the in-between subgroup is named wavering, each one with different interests and behaviors stemming from its triune brain hierarchy. The official subgroup’s interests are predominantly work, money, power; its behavior is mostly authoritarian, conservative and eager for maximoc-ratic gains (hence the slogan, “Victims of disproportionate officialdom, unite!”). The anti-official interests are the same but are preceded by concerns about analysis, truth, knowledge, justice, and innovation; its behavior is mostly nonconformist, spontaneous and sometimes anarchic and rebellious, or revolutionary. The wavering group’s interests are the same as the official one, although moderated by its concerns with cooperation, altruism and everyday enjoyment; its behavior is largely submissive, conformist and that of a neutral follower.

Proportionality, like the Golden Mean is about keeping rights and duties, or work and compensation around 62% per 38%, among the three subgroups and their levels. The “Law of Proportionality” can be illustrated with the proportions of one’s arm or finger as well as by the Bell Curve, or as a fractal, iterative scale of approximately 62% by 38%. Following this concept, a slogan to refute both Socialism and Capitalism would sound like “neither maximum equality, nor maximum inequality”. “Yes to differences, but pro-portional”!

World View, paradigm, or “mental mapping” of the world. A set of first basic assump-tions and tricerebral rules through which we perceive, think and operate the world or our reality. “Tricerebral” refers to the three basic operational blocs of mental functions: “Left brain” as being more intellectual, logical, scientific, informational, etc. “Central brain” as being more corporeal, pragmatic, organizational, financial, governing, etc. “Right brain” as being more loving, creative, aesthetic, esoteric, mystical, and so forth.

Social Cybernetics. A transdisciplinary body of knowledge based on triune systems theory that comprises the full range of social and human sciences. It is designed to be used as a tool for social organization, for transformation activists, and for self-directed improvement.

World Game Show. A graphic illustration or a mental grid designed to represent the essential elements of the planet in triads or in triune games as well as a tentative hier-archy of them. It is a framework or a tool for reaching a new world-view that is closer and more appropriate to the realities of the Globalization Age.



       To better understand the Globalization Age it is useful to see a briefing of the last 500 years or the Modern Age which is agonizing and needing euthanasia to make space for the dawn of a new historical cycle.
The Modern Age was set off early in the XVI century, around 1517, by means of Martin Luther’s Reformation Manifesto – the 95 thesis to reform the Roman papal dis-proportionate officialdom. Those were times of theocracy – the trick of ruling in God’s name. The Reformation was the beginning of a new historical cycle and the ending of the medieval one. The triadic game on stage had the Latin Roman Christians as the of-ficial (ruling, dominant, controller) subgroup; the Anglo-Saxon Christians as the anti-official (opposer, transgressor, rebel, innovative) subgroup; and the Slavic Orthodox and Muslims (after being expelled from Europe) as the wavering (neutral, spectator, periph-eral) subgroup.
The Modern Age was anticipated by the Renaissance of arts, literature and Greek thought in the Latin European countries. It was a soft anti-official of mundane cul-ture challenging the official culture of the Roman clergy rather than a revolution or Ref-ormation. The poet Dante Alighieri, the painter Rafael, the sculptor Michel Angelo, the inventor Leonard da Vinci and the political scientist Nicola Machiavelli are some of the Renaissance icons.
But the revolution that shook and tore to pieces the papal empire was led not by Latin artists and writers but by the pragmatic and scientific minded Anglo-Saxons – Ger-mans, Dutch and British. The Roman papal empire was reduced to the Latin countries and their colonies. The Moors political dominance was ended in Europe and the Turkish Ottoman Empire was in ascent. The cycle of the great European mercantilist/military navigation was out to conquer, submit and predate the rest of the world. But the most remarkable feature of those times was the emergence of the Anglo-Saxon imperialism, first by the Dutch, soon followed by the British, lately completed by the Americans, counting on the commercial-financial geniality of the Jews expelled from the Catholic Latin territories.
Some events may illustrate these 500-years triune game and the continued tri-umph of the Anglo-American Empire.
The Reformation triggered by Martin Luther (1483-1546) had the military support of the German lords and princes interested in their region’s emancipation from the Ro-man ruling. The printing and the reading of the Bible in native languages was definitely introduced along with the authorization for personal independent interpretation thus set-ting the left-rational brain free for critic thought and future scientific investigation. The Bible’s Old Testament – mosaic – was chosen mostly as a support for the top official subgroups, the lords of power and money; and New Testament – more suitable for con-soling the oppressed and forgiving the oppressors – was chosen to support the waver-ing subgroups, the poor, and the periphery of any society. John Calvin (1509-1564) completed the doctrine of the graceful salvation, one not requiring buying indulgences as the Roman church preached and did. Salvation was a gift to the faithful, being hard work, savings and prosperity the best dependable warranties for heaven candidates. This is the basis of the Protestant work ethics. Nowadays, this “theology” of prosperity has merged means and ends: Money and God are a single and same thing – back to the golden cow.
The Roman church reacted with the Jesuits, a company founded by the ex-military Basque Ignacio of Loyola, to act as the Catholic elite troops against the Protes-tants. The Counter-Reformation Trenton Conclave (1542-1564) reinforced the old ten-ets, excommunicated Luther, Calvin and all the Protestants, and forced the so called “religious” wars to reestablish its former sway. It has denied for 400 years the religious, political, economic historical awakening set forth by the Reformation led by the Anglo-Saxons. To survive and innovate itself the Roman church promoted many religious, lay missionaries and educational movements and organizations. The Catholic Action movement, the Christian Democratic (political) Party, and the Theology of Liberation are samples of the late ones. Father Teilhard de Chardin failed in trying to merge or recon-cile the narrative of the Bible with the Darwinian theory (narrative) of evolution. The Vati-can Conclave II was the last important and failed attempt for renewal. The excommuni-cations and non recognition of Protestants was cancelled just a few years ago to favor ecumenism, but without renouncing an alleged superiority of Catholicism over other creeds.
King Henry VIII (1491-1547) was one of the first to join the Protestant rebellion. He split from Rome and submitted the religion to the king in order to establish Britain as an independent and autonomous country.
Bacon (1561-1626) established the rules or method for scientific investigation of nature to produce knowledge as a pragmatic enterprise – work and prosperity according to the Protestant Ethics.
Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) was the main philosopher of the monadic (one-only, other alternatives excluded) British officialdom – state power as absolute. He is a sort of Machiavelli’s “re-incarnation” for the British successful empire.
Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658) was the leader of the first consolidated “bourgeois” revolution around 1649. He swept away Feudalism, hung the catholic king, established the first modern Parliament, founded universities and put the Anglican sacred power de-finitely under the control of the political power. He was the cornerstone of the British Empire still surviving in the third millennium due to its symbiosis with the US, forming the Anglo-American Empire. The global Empire!!!
John Locke (1632-1704), an outstanding political philosopher, came out with the theory of the modern State with the Executive, Juridical and Legislative powers in bal-ance – democracy.
The astronomer Isaac Newton (1642-1727) made essential advancements in mathematics and established the laws of gravity and movement.
Adam Smith (1723-1790) published in 1776 “The Wealth of Nations”. It was the first book in economics and free market theory as a disguise for the British Empire pi-racy. His theory, also known as “classic”, “liberal”, “laissez-faire”, and market theory, postulated the maximum freedom for the economic official subgroups (banks, industry, commerce, business, capital owners, usurers etc.) having, as a corollary, the maximum protectionism and minimum restraints from the political official subgroups, in rhetoric. In the real world, the British Empire was run by a State-warriors-merchants collusion, prac-ticing strong national customs protectionism while demanding/imposing other countries free market/customs. The sacred power was required only for approval and blessing of the successful ones.
The mercantilism and the escalating industrial revolutions promoted science, ur-ban development and increasing life quality, along with rural migration and the exploita-tion of the new working classes by the owners of capital and of factories and means of production. They improved also the British imperialism to a point of provoking reactions such as Utopian Socialism, Robert Owens’s cooperatives, Fourier’s falansteries, the Roman church social doctrine, the Communist Manifesto, two world wars and general unrest and riots.
The British biologist Charles Darwin (1808-1882) published “The Origin of Spe-cies” (1859) establishing the monadic theory of natural evolution according to the law of the fittest, of the one more adaptive and better fighter in any environment.
Now the ideological fundaments of the Anglo-American Empire are complete and mutually supportive around the tricerebral cycle in this way:
· The Luther’s, Calvin’s, and Cromwell’s Jewish-Protestant messiahnism, for the right (emotional, religious) brain;
· The John Locke’s “democracy” theory, and Adam Smith’s theory on economics and free (for the stronger) markets, for the central (“kill-or-die”, organizational, acquisitive) brain;
· The Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory often interpreted, in a monadic way, as the law of the survival of the stronger cheats, for the left (logic, scientific) brain.

      When the death of ideologies was decreed after the USSR collapsed, it would be more consistent to bury also the above ideology of the Anglo-American Empire instead of disguising or denying it.
The same ideology branched out into minor or specific consistent fields and paradigms. In the late XIX century, Frederick Taylor developed his theory on the effi-ciency of the work and scientific management, with always new improvements like the “Fordism” of yesterday, the “Toyotism of today and the “Knowledge Management” of tomorrow.
The performance of the Anglo-American Empire and its ideology show resilience and mutations when convenient. The British economist John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946) was called to rescue the American and world capitalism that was committing sui-cide (1929) due to its maximocracy – maximum speculation, production and oppression of the labor force and consumers. People were being pushed towards socialism. In 1935, President Roosevelt and Keynes came up with the “New Deal” which was in open contradiction with the classic ideology of the “Econocracy”. They took the lead of the market creating enterprises, financing businesses, creating “anti-economic” ventures such as building museums, dams, roads, parks, etc. The World War II finished rescuing the capitalism.
In the Bretton Woods meeting (1944) to rescue the world from the consequences of the disastrous World War II, Keynes was trying to implement almost the same strate-gies: To create a World Clearing Union, the Bancor as the international currency, and to establish some rules limiting the surplus accumulation by the developed countries and the amount of indebtedness of the developing ones to keep some kind of balance in the international trade and power of nations yet increasing general prosperity. But he was defeated by the US which imposed the dollar as the international currency, the WB and the IMF (under their control) thus implementing a further step of its progressive imperial-ism. During the war, the US left its western allies to be driven into exhaustion, only to rescue them in the last minute and immediately defeat them in the negotiations of the new world order. On top of that, the US unilaterally rejected the dollar-gold exchange standard system by 1971, a new defeat to the world.
Between 1989 and 1991 the USSR with its satellites and ideologists came to an end, not the Anglo-American capitalism as predicted by Marxism. Mikhail Gorbachev, supported by thePope John Paul II, was the head of the ceremonial that handed over socialism and the humanity to the Anglo-American Empire, for free, claiming a Nobel Prize for detaining the nuclear race that never stopped. All countries had to adapt to the victors of this last battle in the 500- years war, and had to submit to the old XIX century model reborn as neoliberalism. The moderates like Keynes, the social democracy and other concessions to the weaker were thrown into the history garbage can since the communist threat was over.
Around 1989-1991 the Washington Consensus was decreed by Anglo-American economists to be carried on by the WB, IMF and the like. It is a kind of “Rules for the Colonies”, sided by the TRIMs – Trade-Related Investment Measures. TRIMs are the Manifesto of the private economic power, the money sharks of the world – banks, finan-ciers, insurance and risk measuring companies. Once established the money and finan-cial speculation supremacy by the Anglo-Americans, the TRIMs seem the Holy Scrip-ture of the Golden Cow’s revelation, deposited in the EOCD and WTO Ark. What follows is a briefing of the TRIMs.

            “With this document we are writing the world economy Constitution.
The TRIMs main goal is to make the international investment safer, easier, uniform and less subject to risk. Being a universal code, there would be no need to write new agreements for every country. Only countries abiding by the TRIMs and meeting the daily risk scoring reports issued by companies such as Moody’s, Duff & Phelps, Standard & Poor’s qualify for investment. There should be no restrictions as to the fields of investment. They might be tangible or intangi-ble values, licenses, royalties, cultural goods, institutions, public services, property rights includ-ing water, forests and any other resource of corporate interest, such as patents regarding genes, plasma, seeds, trees, animals, parts of the human body, and so forth.
There are rules even to impose investors’ rights over local governments. The corpora-tions can reject any government measure posing restraints to the investment profit, such as fis-cal rules, environmental regulations, small enterprises protection, land reform, workers’ and consumers’ rights and so on.
Foreign investors are free of commitments and responsibilities toward the country signer of TRIMs. In the other hand, investors can claim for compensation when affected by govern-ment measures or social disturbance as strikes, social manifestations of protest, riots, revolu-tions and so on. “Any lost opportunity for reaching a pre-fixed profit standard entitles for com-pensation”.

Back to the maximocratic orgy of the strongest!
S.O.S! Life and the planet in danger!


      Those who love life and the whole planetary ecosystem must resist the serial kill-ing done by the Anglo-American Empire officialdom and all the cascade of dispropor-tionate official subgroups reaching each one of us through local power, corporations, schools and even families, as illustrated in the World Game Show ahead.
To resist the disproportionate officialdom in every step of its full ladder, we need a new starting point, a new world-view, and a new paradigm to make a new analysis and reach a new understanding of ourselves and of the world. We are betting in the tri-une systemic paradigm – Social Cybernetics – as one of the alternatives. We can no longer accept that the whole life and universe be just a matter or “economic order” as pretended by the reductionism of biased Anglo-American ideologues and rulers.

      A man was given a – Zahir – and told that it was the symbol and the key of everything in the world even of the mystery of the existence. Once touched, the “Zahir” won’t let the man to forget it and would grow madly in his mind until the fading of everything else. Although terrified in the beginning with this hypnotic power of the “Zahir”, little by little the man got convinced that instead of worrying about numerous desires and preoccupations it was better to bundle up all of them in a single one: The Zahir encompassed and represented all of them. Even the full terrestrial and heavenly reality was incarnated in the Zahir.
The Zahir was… money!. (Jorge Luis Borges: The Zahir, in The Aleph)

      Life is based on real things and not in their symbols as idioms and money are. And life requires more real things than money can represent or buy. Instead of a “new economic” order we need a new “life order” a whole and eco-systemic one, which can be summarized by the 16 scenarios of the World Game Show.






The World Game Show is a framework or a grid to approach the planet and eve-rything in it in a holistic way, as a single networked, self-organizing, co-evolutive triune ecosystem knitted according the triune basic pattern of energy.
This vision can discard divisive concepts such as East/West, North/South, capi-talism/socialism, first/third world, hard/soft sciences, science/faith and others. The World Game framework unfolds into 16 three-sided scenarios, each of them involved in a tri-une horizontal game but also being part of all other vertical and transversal triune games.
It will be useful to amplify and print the the World Game Show template (below) in order to get used to its structure and to be skillful in classifying any new information into the proper scenario and making broader and broader connections. Everyone can gather and accumulate information until having his/her own “World Game Dossier”. The official subgroups (the powerful ones, those from the top, the “world owners”) hold and use to offer a euphoric vision of the world, because they live in the best world possible. The globalized planet is an empire as well as an imperial machine for centralization and hi-erarchical control building. “When the (speculative) stock market goes well, the world goes well”.
But the panorama to be presented here is an overview of the whole, of the three subgroups’ interplay and their tri-dimensional connections upward, downward and across the World Game graphic. In each of the scenarios we can see the proportion-ate/disproportionate conservative officialdom, the revolutionary anti-officialdom and the conformist wavering portions, and their changing positions as the time and the uni-triadic energy endlessly move and recombine everything in a kaleidoscopic way.


SCENARIO 01 – Energy.


      Astronomy with its telescopes and spaceships is still in pursuit of a better under-standing of the Big Bang and other alternative theories of the formation of present uni-verse. The last news are saying that there are cosmic fragments (from “dead stars”) that would track the sun’s “ancestors” or its “father and mother”. Particles accelerators stopped working, just after the confirmation of the triune structure of elemental particles (three quarks and three neutrinos in permanent rotating combinations as do the basic three colors, the three sounds, the three odors, the three savors, the three forms/textures to complexify the universe) what coincides with the end of the cold war to defeat the USSR (Muslims are not a challenge in this particular field!).
The idea that energy is a “triune conspiracy”, that it is composed by Siamese trip-lets hardly separable, that the three elements/sides/vectors/subgroups are accomplices, that they are simultaneous and universal, that the three components of any system are self-organizing, self-disorganizing, and self-re-organizing, that they lean toward each other, that they support each other, that they provide their own balance, that they form natural coalitions, that they are networked in a catenary or corkscrew way, this idea is making no progress. The monadic (units taken one by one) fragmented and blurred per-ception and mode of operation is still the rule.




As we humans, chiefly the Americans, are the anti-official (suicidal) side of the planetary (Gaia) ecosystem, the environmental protocols are not signed, the abuse and the extermination of other species and systems continues. Scientists are saying that the climate issue is a more serious threat than terrorism. We are dangerously playing with genetic modifications, and start molesting other planets. As the world loses biodiversity, is threatened by shortage of natural non renewable resources, water included, the de-veloped countries call for “internationalization” of the Amazon rain forest and other re-sources of the developing countries while never mentioning the “internationalization” of their riches and privileges. Imperial oddities!
However, nature remains cybernetic/systemic/triadic as ever. The feedback and its prices linger for a while but do not fail. Cockroaches will inherit the earth, maybe.


SCENARIO 03 – T. I. C.



The three evolutionary brains, “created by, and also creators, inventors or re-shapers of reality” can be used as a pivot concept to define human needs, to define cul-ture, to identify subgroup behaviors, always arranging/relating them triadically or in tri-ads, serving survival, reproduction, and many other subsidiary goals. As for needs we have:



      To these three blocs of needs correspond three blocs of goods we call needs “satisfactors”. Besides establishing the three sets of needs, satisfactors and cultures, the three brains engender three typical behaviors when struggling for satisfactors:
· The central brain engenders the officialdom (aggressive, dominant) subgroup of be-havior;
· The left brain engenders the anti-officialdom (opposer, radical) subgroup of behavior;
· The right brain engenders the wavering (neutral, peripheral) subgroup of behavior.

      The left brain and its rational-analytical culture are curling back, under suspicion of ideology and (adversaries’) political interests. However, they say we are in a knowl-edge society with its Knowledge Management fad. The apparent paradox is that for the rulers of the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire, brimming of energy and war-craving, every-thing must ultimately fall to the central brain and its money-culture – some production, a lot of business, and endless, maximocratic and delirious financial wealth. “Econocracy” (see scenario 09) overthrew the rational-legal-fairness seeking democracy of the State and the “sacrocracy” of religions. As part of the “econocratic” strategy, their policy mak-ers support the right brain and its emotional culture (religions, superstitions, TV, shows, fashion, carnival, pansexual marketing and other social orgies) aiming at reducing peo-ple to a blind mass of “prodsumers” deprived of critic thinking.
Internet is a part of the same game. It features a virtual sample of the three brains and three cultures navigation: striking visibility, little sound information, millions of viruses, spams, degraded art and eroticism, perverted e-commerce of human body parts and also virginities. The marvelous and the magic of virtual reality are trapping peoples’ curiosity, way off the “real” reality (balance between the virtual and the real, be-tween the subjective and objective world). Would this be a kind of spongiform encepha-lopathy (mad cow disease) for humans? The research on consciousness – how the flow of thought happens, how the flow of self-observation and self-awareness while feeling, knowing, working happens, and which is the corresponding neural structure therein im-plied, this is the very front line of the neuro/cognitive scientists. The monadic or monocerebral approach is being used, not the triune one yet. No doubts, the world is undergoing a global brainwash process and heading towards irrationality.


SCENARIO 04 – Reproduction Process.

A revolution is under way: cloning, homosexual marriages, children trade, pro-creation orgy in the periphery with street kids swarming at every corner, obese-bipolar with attention deficit youngsters, girls 8-10 years old ovulating for eating meat with hor-mones, sexual tourism, kids killing parents, kids shooting classmates and teachers in schools, reality shows etc. The catholic priests accused of sexual abuse mount to 4.500 in US. The elderly are being forced to work more years for retirement and are having their payments cut down. At last, we are back to the beginning: the German cannibal is not a “criminal”, just a “euthanasia helper”.
Something is going wrong in demography, sexuality and family or affection nu-cleus and its varieties. What is happening to the female officialdom and to women’s wa-vering peripherals (men)? And why are children falling more and more into consumer-ism, drug addiction and violence? Where did the sacred family go wrong? What hap-pened to the “home sweet home”? Has it turned into “home unbearable home”? Will vulgar sexuality and eroticism prevail over the family values and educational ones? In-stead of better human beings we get more and more dysfunctional citizens. Psycholo-gists and teachers are being challenged along with religious counselors for their more and more visible failure.
Racism, although disarmed by the Genome deciphering, continues making vic-tims and delaying the goal of human mutual understanding and transcultural tolerance. Undoubtedly, the top disproportionate officialdom is promoting the so called horizontal (among lower level peers) wars: Gender, racial, ethnic, religious, inter-unions, neighbor-ing poor countries wars preventing the victims from uniting for a vertical war against the top manipulative top subgroups.

SCENARIO 5 – PRODSUMER ORGANIZATIONSof the 14 subsystems (organized in three sets). We say “prodsumer” organizations because they are operated by people who are Prod(ucer) and (Con)sumer at the same time (after Alvin Toffler).





      The appropriative (economic) prodsumer organizations – S03, S06 (in its trans-portation segment), S08, and S09 are the main providers of goods which we call “triune satisfactors” according to tricerebral needs. But the official subgroups of the appropriat-ive organizations seem to be in a tournament to point out the champion of corruption, economic fraud, and clients cheating. Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia, and Parmalat will not be the last scandals. However, they continue to make profit and draining resources from its main “employee”, the Government/State.
The State or political power and its prodsumer organizations – S06 (in its com-munication segment), S07, S11, S12, and S13, supposedly aiming at regulating the search for the common good of the three subgroups, seems to act as an office-boy of the economic power or a smuggler diverting money from people to big corporations.
The prodsumer organizations under the sacred power – S01, S02, S04, S05, S10, and S14 along with scores of ONGs, all supposedly aiming at regenerat-ing/recycling/reconciling human groups and communities, seem to act as under the guidance and spirit of the economic power.
The right to survive by means of work, at least at the minimum lifestyle level, is endangered by technology and by economic tyranny which suppresses jobs and dis-plays a new economy based more and more on knowledge, which is in want for the lower classes. People distrust public institutions for seeing them working mostly for the powerful. “Since the 80’s the 1% richer in the US more than doubled its wealth; and the 0, 01% at the top of the pyramid had a six folded increase in its wealth”.
The global market place shows a fierce and mortal competition among medium and small enterprises, while the big ones have their monopolies or quasi-monopolies preserved and eased. In the peripheral countries, the big monopolies win contracts with profits warranted by law and by presidential signature, as is the case with the privatiza-tion of state enterprises. Farewell to the free market and free competition. The owners and controllers of the money of the world (imagine who they are and where their body guards’ are) decreed their own cartel legislation for loans: TRIMs – Trade Related In-vestment Measures. In the old times there were risk-subject contracts; now there are no risk contracts. Anglo-American neoliberalism nuggets…




      The concentration of political, economic and sacred power is usurpation. In so “democratic” times we had never seen a so totalitarian concentration of power. People and communities had been deprived of their capacity to control their controllers. An in-vestigation reports that 70% of Brazilian City Halls are involved with corruption and illicit deals. The concept of local power meaning an effective capacity to control the commu-nity collectively is but a myth. Community has become a property of the top three pow-ers: Political/State power (Executive, Legislative and Juridical); Economic power (ru-ral/commerce/industry/finances chamber); Sacred power (all the spiritual trends with priests, pastors, gurus, dervishes, mullahs, shamans etc.).
There has been a movement to proclaim a kind of local independence and popu-lar power building to confront those three top monopolistic powers. From the political economic side, there were initiatives such as creating a local currency, turning taxes into an investment consortium etc. From the sacred power side, there were the Chris-tian grass roots communities. The official subgroups acted fast and effectively to bar those initiatives. The times of the Republic (latin: res publica, meaning co-property or collective ownership) are gone, because everything has been privatized, and the State machine is under control of the private economic power.
Urbanization is raising gloomy and uncontrollable labyrinths out of communities, which should be places to live, and enjoy other people’s company. We are watching the rising of the most absolutist officialdom whose division of labor is very clear cut:
The political power herds us;
The economic power assails us;
And the sacred power tells us to keep the invoice to be discounted in the after death…

The resistance, the unraveling of this farce played by the disproportionate “de-mocracy” of higher official subgroups, handling their violence number 1 (primordial, permanent, legalized and armed terror of the authorities) is no longer displayed by idealistic revolutionaries with their counter-violence number 2 (guerrilla, revolution, “illegal” counter-terror although less armed). Regretfully it is played by street gangs of assailants, kidnappers, drug addicts and people led by hate using their rough violence number 3 (unlimited and lawless actions to seize any kind of property from individuals, institutions and places).



SCENARIO 07 – REGIONS within a State.
The idea of allowing some political-economic self-direction to micro-regions/ecosystems and basins is effective in counties for a few aspects. It can not have larger success because of the rampant official subgroups’ quest for centralization and hierarchy building. Regional corporations and dioceses can work a lot better for being free of central bureaucracy. Otherwise…


      This intermediate instance between the federal government and local communi-ties depends on the federative pact. In the US, for example, it works better than in Spain. In other cases, there is permanent tension between federal and state govern-ments for the shares of the local communities plunder. The triune game within any country imposes competition and coalitions among states to form macro-regions, to control the governmental machine and businesses. For example, the East, the South and the West regions of the US are macro-regions, having the East in the official sub-group position, and the West in the anti-official.
In Brazil, the macro-region and official subgroup is jokingly called “The Brazilian Bermudas’ Triangle” composed by the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais. The macro-region playing as anti-official subgroup is formed by the southern states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. The other macro-regions as the Northeast, Middle West and North play in the wavering subgroup role. Each country has to make explicit this triune game between macro-regions, because when the differ-ences become inequality they breed disarray and revolutions. The sacred power in this scenario is played by the archdiocese and the state religious federations, with no sig-nificant influence.
In some countries, corporations or macro-regional development agencies to pro-vide development and some self-government were created. In most cases, they are doomed to fail, because the federal political, economic and sacred power is under the control of the macro-region official subgroups, no matter what the democratic and equity principles might be. All they want is to avoid competition and more independent groups and regions. Again, the devilish officialdom principle at work: centralization and hierar-chy building.



With the globalization, many say that the national boundaries are fading along with national governance. Applying the triune method we can see a different panorama. National frontiers are fading and weaker in weak, peripheral, and wavering countries, which are being neo-colonized, while the national frontiers of the central, developed, and official subgroup countries as Japan, US and the European Union, they are being fortified, replacing the iron curtain and the Berlin Wall by a golden curtain whereby even a single flea can not go through unnoticed. If some fleas (immigrants) have made it in the past, presently they are being repelled violently. Anyway, what is rolling downhill everywhere is the concept and the power of the Republican State in its political-regulative function, for being submitted to the private economic power.
Besides having resigned in favor of the economic power, the State is aggres-sively being attacked by the sacred power, challenging its lay and secular nature. In countries where theocracy (hegemony of the sacred power and its representatives over the political and economic powers) prevails, a growing fanaticism or fundamentalism as-tonishes the world. Countries where the civil/political power (“civicracy” – hegemony of the State over the churches or the sacred power) prevails are the target of sacred power violent attacks aiming at a larger share of power when not at seizing power. In Turkey (and Algeria), a lay State with “civicracy”, Muslims are forging economic and po-litical crisis to seize power. In France, Muslims are putting pressure to win space in the public schools system. In many countries, movies and art exhibitions questioning some religious tenets (as recently in Russia) are forbidden or vandalized. In US, George W. Bush’s office sounds a biblical headquarter (a reminder: the protestant, Anglo-Saxon, capitalist reformation established a coalition between the old testament sacred, eco-nomic, and political power, in spite of liberal, Masonic, and Marxist protests).
In Brazil, President Lula da Silva has been coached since his early days by the Catholic Church Liberation Theology whose main representatives are in the Presidential office as mentors. To win the presidential elections Lula da Silva established an alliance with protestant churches and chose a protestant Vice-President in a country of Roman Catholics majority. The coalition for the Iraq war, led by the G-3, faces the following di-lemma: Either implement a “democracy” as done in the old Persia (Iran) of Shah Reza Pahlevi or hand out the “free” Iraq (and petroleum) to a new Shiite theocracy.
Since the global empire is under the ruling of the private economic power – an open “econocracy” or “econodictatorship” – people may wonder: What is the purpose of keeping elections and voting when what really counts is the President of the Federal Reserve and of the Ministry of Finances? Why to keep political parties? The old differentiation between left and right wing parties disappeared, parties became all the same. Why? Because there is no longer political power or State as an independent regulative instance with real power, just the façade. The real power is exerted by the economic power which is monopartisan. This all-economics party serving the interest of the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire is managed by the FMI and the world banking system. Being so, the political governance is crippled; social disorder and violence maintain cities and countries under state of siege. There have never been so many prisons and inmates around the planet as nowadays, England and US standing out as the main warders.
This is what says mega speculator George Soros, an icon of the actual “econoc-racy”: “The market is the best in producing goods and wealth but is unable to solve problems related to environment, income distribution, unemployment, poverty, social violence, social injustice, universal education, health, drug addiction, racial, religious and gender discriminations and also to protect the market from savage practices; these are “public goods” that require a new State (political power) with power and money to provide them” (George Soros on Globalization. NY: Public Affairs, 2002).

SCENARIO 10 – NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES and their triune games.

      At any region of the planet there are two neighboring and rival countries – the strongest and the challenger in dispute – and the rest of neighboring countries afraid of getting involved in the conflict. Just a few examples: Israel and Palestine; Kurds and Turks; Iran and Iraq; Pakistan and India; China and Tibet; China and Formosa; North Korea and South Korea; Indonesia and East Timor; Greeks and Cypriots; Colombia and Venezuela; Chile and Argentina; Brazil and Argentina; Syria and Lebanon; Cambodia and Thailand; US and México; Russia and Chechnya; Estonia and Poland etc. The solution would be building political-economic regional blocs and a really strong world ruling power. It could be “UP” – The United Planet – replacing the old UN since this became the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire maid.
Experience says, however, that such small countries blocs are sabotaged by the official subgroups of higher scenarios (see scenarios 13, and 14) for “conspiring” against the maximocratic interests of the top officialdom of the global pyramid (“for put-ting at risk the global peace” they would say as a disguise). That is why the Pacific Ba-sin bloc is slow in taking off, and the MERCOSUR (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) has been torn apart in order to impose the FTAA – Free Trade Area of the Americas (ALCA in Spanish), according to the motto: “America for the Americans” (and the world…) still in progress. The political-economic blocs that really succeed are those formed by countries at the top of the World Game officialdom such as the European Un-ion and NAFTA. Nonetheless, even within these successful blocs the triune game does its work in favor of the officialdom of the heights: In NAFTA, for example, Mexico is a success for its tiny official subgroup at the top, and a disaster for its people.

SCENARIO 11 – PROLETARIAN COUNTRIES or the “republics” of chaos.


These are the poor, sick, underdeveloped, non industrialized countries, the “wretched of the earth”, and providers of raw materials for the developed ones. Most of these countries got freed from European countries and the ex-USSR colonization as well as from sub colonists as Japan, Indonesia, South Africa Republic, Turkey, China etc. As people and countries live within a triadic multilevel triune context/cage, some of these new freed countries ought to be aligned with the neoliberal “econocracy”, some survivors of the socialist wreck are engaged in the anti-official skirmishing position, and the rest declare themselves non (openly) aligned – as wavering subgroups.
In these proletarian countries the good life is reserved for their higher official sub-groups – 5 to 10% of the total population plus some 20% of their servants as a fake middle class, besides the drugs growers and dealers; the rest of the population is clam-oring for a world “Zero Hunger” proposed by Lula da Silva, President of Brazil. Mean-while, what mostly happens are riots, reforms, rebellions (are revolutions over?), weap-ons smuggling, coup d’état and genocides, providing fugitives and migrants for the whole planet.
Using the global tri-unity lenses we can see something more. Even in the rich countries, the triune dispute and share of “satisfactors” (means for triune satisfaction) is widening the gap between subgroups and social classes as a result of the totalitarian neoliberal trading model. This means having more people below the poverty line (US$ 2.00 a day as established by the UN) and more dysfunctional individuals within the countries of scenarios 13 and up. This allows rhetoric of this kind: “There is a third world growing within the first world”. It is more exact to say that the three subgroups are stray-ing from the golden mean even in the developed countries (order, justice, fairness; in numbers: 38% X 62%) causing increasing desproportionality, although in different ex-tent according to different scenarios of the global game.

SCENARIO 12 – SEMI-INDUSTRIAL, “Emergent” Countries.

      These countries are also called “foremen” (as in the ranch), slaves’ masters, sub imperial delegates and pro-consuls because they are allowed some prominence and leadership in their regions. Their duties are to ensure that countries of scenario 11 do the service work expected of them by the economic order of the world officialdom. This position can be exemplified by Brazil in South America; by México in Central America and the Caribbean; by Turkey in Asia Minor; by Egypt in Northern Africa; by Israel in the Middle East; by Russia in the Balkans and East Europe; by India in Southeast Asia; by Australia in Oceania; by China in the Asian remnant “socialist” circle etc. These coun-tries went through dire “adjustment and modernization” process to fit into the Washing-ton neoliberal Consensus and deserve some imperial favor. China went through the same process but in order to resist the imperial impositions, thus playing the anti-official subgroup in this scenario, though playing the wavering position when relating to higher scenarios.
These “foremen” countries are both internally and externally terribly indebted, having their industrialization process stagnated, living out of raw materials exports and of IMF and international banking usurer loans. Due to some smart financial tricks, the more they pay, the more they owe. Due to this disproportionality caused by the neolib-eral imperial rules where violence number 1 stems from, countries form scenarios 11 and 12 are often sources of protests, riots and terrorist irruptions (violence number 2) against national and foreign official subgroups, what make us expect a kind of planetary civil war.
Some of these countries are also willing to get back some looted antiquities and being kept safely in important European and American museums “because the barbari-ans would not know how to preserve them for the whole humanity”… After the joke of jokes dividing the world, part as the axis of goodness and part as the axis of evil, the joke of the French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy is a minor one: “They are willing to make the West their scapegoat”.


      This scenario includes the developed countries, those in control of technology. They live out of technology exports and, even better, out of exports of knowledge (royal-ties) to produce technology. Their major business is making loans and betting at the stock market, pressed by the excess of liquidity. Financial “econocracy”! However, they are also very costly countries and are losing competitiveness in many fields. Proud post-industrial countries of the knowledge society are back to the agribusiness, compet-ing with poorer countries in an over-supply market. If they did not manipulate the mechanisms to drain the world surplus, they would go into bankruptcy. The triune game competition makes them compete among themselves. At one side there is the bloc led by the US; at the other side there is the European Union bloc; and, between them, other developed countries not allowed to go further, as Japan stopped by the plunder of its stock market.
If the world invented other ways to accumulate value and interchange it without money, if there were a substitute for the actual banking system, their survival of post-industrial countries would be harder. This is part of the poor people dream – going back to swapping, to cooperatives, to the creation of “social currency” and other escapes to the official subgroups Leviathan…Today’s “distress of globalization” is of the same na-ture as that of late eighteenth century created by the British empire, which raised an in-furiated Napoleon; it is the same as that of the late nineteenth century, which engen-dered an infuriated Marx and infuriated workers striving to build an alternative world in the XX century they believed it ought to be socialist. It was not. It is the same of the early twentieth century which triggered two savage world wars. But a new dream must be dreamt to replace the nightmare of the old neoliberalism.





Is this the first global empire, the end of history, the one single flock with one sin-gle shepherd? A sheep flock of 6 billion heads having the international financial system as the pastor! And what of the wolves? Well, in this case the shepherd and the wolves are serving themselves form the same flock. Smart guys are trying to convince people that “the capital”, ”the market”, “the system”, “God” or “the fortune” is in charge and that nobody can help but accepting its unforeseeable caprices. These are shenanigans used by prestidigitators, making something or somebody invisible, untouchable and unreach-able. The market ideologists are using the same trick: making the financial official sub-group invisible, keeping it as a “hidden subject“, unidentifiable, impossible to find out, and to make it responsible in the courts or in History Tribunals.
For sure, there is a human official subgroup leading the “econocracy”: The Anglo-American-Israeli – G-3 – with its financial/economic power, its political/warrior power and its sacred justifying power within the context illustrated above. In fact, the US are impos-ing and struggling to maintain its hegemony over global survival concerns. After Sep-tember 11, the American Al-Qaeda (the CIA) became even more terrorist.
The European Union tried a cautious anti-officialist move in the eve of the petro-leum war with Iraq, in the bananas import/export issue… Nothing harming, just eye-brows lifting between cousins or branches of the global mafia! Environmentalists and people carrying the motto “Another World Is Possible” meet annually in the World Social Forum to protest against the IMF, to demonize OMC, and the Davos World Economic Forum. China surrounded and accepted to submit to WTO, the Supreme Economic Court. As for world religions or sacred power, only the Pope John Paul II, ex-partner in the Soviet empire dismantling, manifested his disagreement on Iraq invasion.
Tue UN might be closed down and substituted by a strong world forum above any vetoes, above any irresponsible imperial adventure. The future UP – The United Planet – shall be well grounded in international law and endowed with economic and co-ercion power before it is too late. The world hatred (not only that of Muslims, not just ir-rational anti-Semitism) being accumulated against the imperial G-3 can not be stopped by any kind of weapon and war: It requires fairness, solidarity and persuasive commit-ment to peace and decent (proportional) minimum lifestyle level for every being (not only humans) in this planet. Whether Republicans or Democrats win/lose elections, nothing will change in the world, because the Caesars, Czars or Kaisers of planetary economics are not elected. They are self-enthroned. The world is saying, almost screaming, Nooooooooooo to the “pax Americana” (State terror) and is asking for a “pax humanitatis”.


       · The left (informational) brain transforms the world into science and logic theories. But science is still using the Cartesian monadic, splitting paradigm. Instead of calling for interdependence and complementarities, the monadic paradigm is enforcing the apartheid between fields of knowledge, politics, economics, and religions thus push-ing competition to savagery. It is pushing individualism to a point where individuals become monsters. It is abandoning cooperation to a point where everybody is seen as enemy. These are just samples of the monadic paradigm pushed to the extremes according to its assumptions.
· The central (ambitious) brain transforms the world of survival and reproduction into money, which is the symbol of almost all the three sets of satisfactors. Money (or the capital) has its own syntaxes and rules within the market. In fact, for the stronger of-ficial subgroups it is free, they feel free to rush towards maximocracy, to defeat the anti-official subgroups and to plunder the weak wavering subgroups, that’s to say the defenseless majority. In doing so, they follow the fundaments posed by Adam Smith and Charles Darwin – free competition and the victory of the fittest, what has been theorized in the fake economy science. “Economy is a science essentially of the bourgeoisie” (economist Paul A. Samuelson). Translation: the actual science of eco-nomics is devoted to make the official subgroups richer and richer at the expenses of the wavering subgroups (employees or unemployed workers and people at large), in spite of the protests of the anti-official subgroups (unionists, Marxists, radicals, solidarians etc.).
· The right (dreamer) brain with its intuition and imagination transforms the world into artistic, mythological and religious fiction: The fictional, iconic symbols sphere.

      Here are the three symbols spheres and their corresponding three cultures. Inte-grated in a complementary way they form the triune symbols sphere or triune virtual re-ality working as a condensed movie of the flowing factual reality. It is culture with three faces. The problem in this scenario is the enthroning of the Darwinian-monetary sym-bols sphere and its secret grammar – The Grammar of Money – as the sole and dog-matic truth of these times of global empire. As a concession, they take the other two symbol sphere to “explain and justify” the veracity, sanctity and inevitability of the Dar-winian-monetary symbols sphere as it is. The three cultures are under the control of the cultural industry: a business as any other.
The monadic culture of the left brain has been under fire for decades, challenged by those seeking transdisciplinarity and integration of all knowledge fields over the divi-sive walls of hard and soft sciences and arts, as claimed by chaos theory, complexity theory and by Hegelian dialectics. But the monadic paradigm in complicity with the offi-cial subgroups resists. Those looking after new approaches to education, to systemic knowledge, transdisciplinarity and reliable information show no meaningful progress. On the contrary, what show up on stage are books like “The End of History”, “The End of Science”, “The End of Nature” etc. Science itself is faster (and better funded) to create means to kill than to save lives. The establishing of a new (tricerebral) rationality aiming at global mutual understanding is a must.
“Economy” must be denied the science status because it is openly a cruel ideol-ogy of the top official subgroups giving pace to misery, suffering, and more and more hatred in the planet. As a substitute, a triune “Grammar of Money” or a triune and pro-portional economic theory should be developed and made accessible to people at large to learn the money games in order to guarantee money for all, although in different but proportional levels.
The outstanding product of the right brain is love relations, arts and religions. These right brain values need new development. Religions have to substitute theologi-cal fictions by basic knowledge of the triune (biological, emotional, rational) brain and how it works in its different levels and different levels of brain waves. The use of a more conscious and proportional triune brain will allow, by means of meditation, personal peak experiences of the whole, and awesome attitudes of reverence of life and tran-scendence, independent from religious partisanship. Being the right brain a power plant for sacralization of the world, for solidarity, for the conciliation of opposites it is as a consequence the power plant from which stems the sentiment of moral, of justice and ethic values that evolve into social conventions, general rules and State law.
But it is mandatory to stick firmly to tri-unity, three complementary sides, three players and their correspondent proportions in rights and duties, otherwise the official subgroups will continue to impose the monadic ethics and justice to reassure their privi-leges as ever.

SCENARIO 16 – SCATOLOGIES or the future as imagined in life and in the individual and collective afterlife.


The materialistic political and economic power persistently propagandize heaven on earth as a leisure society (carrot on the stick). Someway, it is a reality for the higher official subgroups, while offering the great majority of wavering subgroups a hard, ex-hausting and tedious life – hell on earth. The sacred power in its different religious or-ganizations continues to press the people to guarantee those hard-to-get vacancies in the afterlife, normally using spiritual terrorism, some exceptions portrayed by true mys-tics’ practitioners.
Studies of “tanatology” (regarding death), of cryonics (keeping corpses frozen un-til future resuscitation), the promise of 150 years long life by biotechnology did not let people enthusiastic about dying. The human species’ life expectancy, if depending on the scarce natural resources being crazily depleted, may be of 50 to 100 years before the dominos’ effect is triggered. This holocaust would happen due to the disruption of the ecosystem infrastructure. In spite of the cult of future and progress, the youth is kind of hopeless and prefers to live up its present days. The idolatry of progress and devel-opment is fading in face of the steady degradation of regions, countries and people along with the environment.
With the absolute triumph (“the end of history”) of the officialist Anglo-American-Israeli utopia of the protestant-capitalist-modern reformation, other anti-official utopias (equalitarian revolutions) died, while the wavering subgroups are back to their extra-terrestrial, supernatural utopias offered by old mythical and fundamentalist religions.

The tri-colored illustration is a representation of the three-sided, or triune brain and correspondent three cultures and subgroups which promote them: reason, science and law for the left brain; body, work and money for the central; and feeling, creativity, spirituality for the right. It is also a representation of the triune principle of energy as are the three basic colors. The vertical spiral over the triune brain indicates triune and pro-portional co-evolution rather than Darwin’s monadic, unilateral evolution that complies with the bestialities of the fittest. The up- and down-arrow indicates that well-being, de-velopment and cooperative co-existence depend on the three brains and correspondent three proportional subgroups; if they are disproportional, the arrow will indicate either over-concentration in the upper side, or entropy, failure, and disaster in the bottom level of any system as a result of the individual and collective tricerebral innovation cycle per-formance. An example of the three top powers of the world order is illustrated here.



MONEY FOR ALL” is the slogan for the minimum lifestyle (minilifestyle) profile in the three brains or 14 subsystems. The lifestyle profiles are structured in 4 levels and begins with the tricerebral “satisfactors” (means to satisfy the needs of the three brains and or three cultures of any individual, subgroup, corporation, country or the planet) to cover the full range of well-being – not only that of the central brain or economic culture:



      The reductionist view of needs and well-being around the three brains/three cul-tures, can be enlarged by using the 14 subsystems described below. They provide a framework to amplify the inadequate and ambiguous Adam Smith concept – purely so-cioeconomic – formerly used to classify human needs and any event of reality:
S01 Kinship; S02 Health; S03 Maintenance; S04 Loyalty; S05 Leisure; S06 Communication and Transport; S07 Education; S08 Ownership; S09 Production; S10 Religious; S11 Safety; S12 Political-Administrative; S13 Juridical; S14 Ranking.

This systemic language intends to replace the economic and marketing jargon used by economists and neoliberal theorists and their ideology of self-regulation. As a matter of fact, such “regulation” is a game of vicious roulette that, without fail, favors the higher official subgroups. All those solemn human rights proclamations are useless without a minimum of pocket money. The practical issue is how to establish and guaran-tee the minimum level of human dignity, or minilifestyle, for all. This implies free higher lifestyles but requires creation of a ceiling or a negative feedback for the tendency to accumulate wealth and power for individuals, corporations and countries.

      The Minimum Floor
The minimum floor, or minilifestyle, for humans and everything on this planet al-ways has been approached timidly, never directly. So too have “zero hunger” and other social protection programs. The negative income program (for those unable to earn enough to afford the minilifestyle with provisions for the missing percentage to be sup-plied by the State) has been approved in Brazil but not implemented. Another way to face the same problem is unemployment compensation; still it is only a temporary solu-tion, since technology is progressively suppressing job creation, precisely those related to minilifestyle, which are more mechanical and low knowledge based. In addition, the private economic power is draining the previous surplus accumulated by the State, through privatization, downsizing and international debt, while individuals are being plundered by squeezing salaries and unemployment. Earnings for the minilifestyle have to be drawn from sources other than paid jobs, such as education, environmental and social protection and others considered to be collective gains although not monetized as today’s market does.

To better understand this proposal it is useful to substitute the concept of “work” typical of the first Industrial Revolution, for the concept of “prodsumer agendonomy”. “Agendonomy” stands for the sum of any agendas, occupations or activities to provide satisfactors that can better be envisioned through the 14 subsystems and their 4 life-style levels. “Prodsumer” is a two-word contraction used by Alvin Toffler and formed as follows: “producer” means production or supply; and “consumer” means consumption or demand. Prodsumer agendonomy encompasses all production/supply and all con-sumption/demand activities of individuals, groups, corporations, countries and the planet.

      Ceiling or Top Limit for Surplus Accumulation
The sole example approaching this topic for corporations is the American anti-trust legislation to protect free competition, supposedly to cheapen goods. Today’s gov-ernment and markets are more and more tolerant of oligopolies and monopolies (mainly when beneficial to the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire). The only trial to establish a top limit for rich countries’ accumulation and a ground limit for poor countries’ indebtedness was John Maynard Keynes’ proposal at the Bretton Woods meeting to create post-war international governing institutions. Keynes was defeated by American negotiators who imposed the dollar as international currency, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other tentacles of the new U.S. Empire, now submitting the world to a merci-less financial or ”paper” chase.

The other recent proposal to refrain the tendency to “maximocratic” accumulation of a few to the detriment of the many was the Socialist-Communist experiment contend-ing that the only solution would be to abolish private property, so creating collective cen-tralized property (State Capitalism) managed by an authoritarian bureaucracy.

      “TRUE INFORMATION” is to denounce and to abolish mental manipulation by schools and the counterfeit of facts and truth by political, economic and sacred official-dom served up by professional liars – the marketers, who manipulate the masses by means of neuromarketing to impose sublime consumerism as if it were the end product itself. What exists is one-way, unchallenged communication, sorted and distorted ac-cording to vested interests of the official group’s economic power maximocracy. There is a universal brainwashing underway or an intentional perversion of the language and communication function. There is the political lie about democracy because what is at work is monocracy of the official subgroup supported by the professional lies of politi-cians. There is the economic lie about a free market supported by the ideology and re-sults of the wealthy, or so touted by economic “science”. However, in the real world, the stronger and more dishonest a bully and a cheat one is, the more successful economi-cally. But the ultimate sources of justice, rewards and punishment devolve upon still an-other official group that perpetuates religious fraud, inventing supernatural worlds and rulers to support the status quo. Science itself has become partially vicious for serving official interests and greed and working far from the public eye. The idea of develop-mentalism and capitalist richness for all countries and people represents another lie be-cause it is in contradiction with sustainability of life and the environment for all occu-pants of our planet. Endless growth is physically impossible on a planet with limited re-sources.

      “TRIADIC JUSTICE” is to replace the monadic imperial juridical order designed by official subgroups to protect their own while imposing persecutions and suffering on the weaker to “legally” exterminate anti-official subgroups. The higher official subgroups indulge themselves in unlimited freedom, all manner of exemptions, privileges, and have impunity above any law, ethics, morals and more: they proclaim themselves “no-bles”, the chosen people of God, the good ones in charge of fighting the evil. We lack a global law based on proportionality and a global entity to apply it to the three subgroups, here and now. For this same reason of justice here and now for all, the religious pro-posals of justice and happiness only in the afterlife are rejected. Justice will be directly proportional to the capacities and responsibilities of every person, subgroup and coun-try. For this kind of justice, a new Right Philosophy and rules established along triadic principles are necessary. The initial contribution is being purported by Mauro Macedo and Sebastião Batista.



Environment/Ecology: CITIZEN OF NATURE!

To feel and act as a part of the ecosystem or nature. To defend it in each community and region as the mother of all life and to sustain it for future generations.

¡Down terminators of the future!

Mind and Personality: CITIZEN OF ONESELF!
Make behavior overcome mere instinctual drives and be guided by a more conscious mind, developed in its three blocs and three correspondent cultures: scientific, eco-nomic and artistic-spiritual. Education enforced until 16 years of age for everybody, fol-lowing the three cultures curriculum (not only that of science as nowadays), reaching competencies for self support and self direction in adult life, followed by periodical recy-cling, pursuing growth in consciousness, in productivity and happiness in global solidar-ity.

Don’t hand over your mind !

To reshape all human activities in ecoregions of co-owners, with global exchange of sat-isfactors (goods), by means of a global market but proportionally regulated aiming at fairness. Free entrepreneurship, work and income should be protected for the minilife-style level and more. Speculation, corruption and other means detrimental to society and environment should be repressed. Individual, corporate and national private prop-erty should be guaranteed yet under a ceiling or some limitative device. The top would be a percentage of the regional GNP or an improved equivalent, agreed upon by the three subgroups of the concerned ecoregion.

Down financial predators!

To reshape all institutions by ecoregions, being approximately 38% collective and 62% private, forming communities and societies run by three subgroups of co-managers, with the hegemony of the local power. As the ultimate superior power there will be only an Arbitrative Triune Power, elected by a free ecoregional vote, dismissible at any time, in charge of mediation/arbitration, of fiscal and safety policies. Ecoregions will gather in broader regions and have the correspondent Arbitrative Triune Power, forming less py-ramidal and more horizontal or proportional hierarchies. The Legislative Power shall be replaced by weekly/monthly direct vote using information technology (direct, not repre-sentative democracy). The Executive Power shall be replaced by the self-management of each of the 14 subsystems and its segments/specialties, under the authority of the Arbitrative Triune Power. The financing of the new State organization will be by taxes levied on income and assets of individuals, corporations, and countries, plus a few se-lective non-declaratory taxes, all of them according to their 4 levels of performance and lifestyle.

Down elitist financial monocracy!



Aesthetics and Mystics: Citizen of the Infinite!
To promote a mystic spirituality and an aesthetics comprising the peculiarities of each ecoregion. To promote solidarity and holistic brotherhood encompassing the whole eco-system overcoming racial, ethnic, gender and religious segregations and suppressing all forms of predation, of physical, economic, psychological and religious vio-lence/terrorism for the sake of universal peace and enjoyment of a more and more pleasant life. To develop the sense of belonging to the local community, expanding to regional until the planetary, feeling as a co-creator within a single triune world to be pre-served and revered.

Yes to religiosity! No to religious manipulation!


At issue is a new perception of the ecosystem, including the atmosphere and strato-sphere (which needs a better understanding by all of humanity) as totally interdepend-ent and intersustainable. Instead of continents and countries, the world might be viewed as macroregions, grand regions, mesoregions, and microregions (an ecoregion is a compound of systems, or communities sharing and supporting the sustainability of a given environment). Every element, human being, subgroup, country and superstructure of the World Game Show is but a link, a knot in the network of life. The whole ecosys-tem thus viewed is a co-property of every non-human and human being, not privately owned by or the ransom of a few bullies and cheats, be they individuals, subgroups, classes or countries. Climate and the longest sustainability possible of the whole eco-system are the most crucial global issues of our and future time. They do not admit to national boundaries and should be above any economic and political ideology of the world’s higher official subgroups. All the participants of the World Game Show are pro-portionally co-proprietors and therefore proportionally co-responsible, constituting a col-lective ownership above any private one. Ecological Education and environmental pro-tection agreements and efforts appear to be more about hygiene and romantic sensibili-ties (animals and tree hugging) than about sustainability of the whole architecture of life: attention has focused more on appeasing wavering emotional subgroups than on fend-ing off predatory economic subgroups or promoters of irrational consumerism. Unlimited growth is physically and mathematically impossible in a limited planet.

Foremost, it is necessary to develop better women and better men with higher compe-tencies, not only for corporations and the nation, but mainly for motherhood and father-hood for better and more stable family life. Mother and father are the main brain builders followed by teachers, religious educators and media programmers. Hence the need to develop school educators’ triune brain or tricerebral cycle as well as to redesign school curricula and evaluation following the tricerebral cycle, aiming for self education, self support and self direction (emancipation from family that should be at work by the end of the teens). Education of high quality until 16 years of age should be provided by pub-lic schools, which is not free, or gratis – it means education financed collectively and managed by experts of the education subsystem under the Arbitrative Triune Power. As everything is co-evolutionary and co-adaptive, a collectively financed periodical recy-cling of 6 months shall be available for everybody every 7 or 8 years.

ECONOMY (agendonomy and production; distribution; appropriation and consumption)


The actual economic power of the official subgroups has become a planetary dictator-ship out of any control. It is a dictatorship, a tyranny through a symbol and a social con-vention: money – backed not by gold or by international trust but by the nuclear, military Anglo-American-Israeli Empire. This official monopolist subgroup got rid of national and international control. They have abandoned gold convertibility of currencies, turning money into a fantasy, a paper game, or a game of electronic symbols of unending ac-cumulation. The capital manipulators disconnected money from real production and created an artificial kingdom of their own – the stock market – living off rentals, usury, speculation and financial frauds. Bankers and mega-investors decreed their own private “Constitution of Money” (TRIMs – Trade-Related Investment Measures) that stands above any state’s constitution. This has left most of humanity and their countries as the hostages of capital monopolists and turned them into insolvent debtors for eternity, causing wealth concentration, general destitution, purchasing power restriction and re-cession after demand retraction. It is a new form of slavery:
We are no longer political slaves (“resign your freedom or your life”!);
We are not religious slaves (“resign your faith or your life”!);
We are economic slaves (“resign your purse and your life”!).

Official subgroups of the economic power pay the official subgroups of the political power to legitimize and protect them, as they pay official groups of the sacred power to forgive their brutality and sanctify them. It is a historical triadic game manipulated by the strongest cheats, the powerful rich abusing the weaker poor, while at the same time ex-terminating dissenters in an endless 500-years war.
It is urgent to get rid of the ideology, proposals and language of boasting Capitalism as well as that of neutralized Socialism and to replace them with new founding concepts, language and culture favoring a proportional and peaceful coexistence of all individuals, subgroups and nations.
To supersede the old economic jargon we ought to start with some new central con-cepts such as:
· Ecosystemic market including everything in the planet instead of humans only;
· Prodsumer organizations instead of corporations;
· 4 levels of Prodsumer organizations agents instead of “boss X workers”;
· 14 subsystems development instead of economic development only;
· Agendonomy instead of the misinterpreted “work”;
· Satisfactors of the 14 subsystems and 4 levels instead of resources, tangi-ble/intangible and virtual/real goods, merchandise etc.
· 4 tricerebral lifestyle levels instead of social classes or strata A, B, C, D, E;
· The core concept of the new language to be developed and theorized is that of proportionality, which is essential for dealing with the distribution of rights and du-ties or work and benefits or cost/efficiency.


A : b = b : c

To get the proportions of a Golden Mean, we divide a line so that its shorter part is to the longer part as the longer part is to the whole or full line (A=b+c).



“Golden Proportionality” or “Golden Mean” is any distribution of modules or percentages nearing the 62% by 38%, recurrently, as that observable in our body between the chin, mouse and upper lip or between hand, forearm and arm and so on. This distribution law has been worked by mathematicians like Pythagoras, Kepler (orbits of the planets), Gauss (the bell curve) and Mandelbrot (fractal geometry). The column of numbers at right (1, 2……55) is known as the Fibonacci sequence where the next figure is the sum of the two previous ones. By dividing any of the figures by its immediately previous or posterior number we get approximately the ratio of proportionality: 1,618 and 0,618 which is used to get the proportions of a golden mean. Studies about animal population related to the ecosystem point out that the same ratio applies according to this formula:

x (of the next year) = rx (1-x)

where x stays for actual population; r stays for the increment rate; and (1-x) stays for the limitative feedback that keeps the population growth within the proportionality boundaries, given that when x grows, (1-x) works as a negative feedback, so that variations wave around the golden mean as if it were an attractor.
The differences between the four lifestyle levels (mini, middle, grand and maxilifestyle) should correspond approximately to this Fibonacci progression. It can also indicate the gap between minimum and maximum earnings of individuals, and countries to be com-pared. In most of the first world countries, the average of highest earnings is approxi-mately 21 times of the lowest ones, while in the “developing” countries it is more than 100 times. The Fibonacci progression might as well be a useful metric for establishing the principle of equivalence: each one has the right to draw (from the NGP or an im-proved similar) as much as (s)he gives through his (her) agendonomy or performance as producer. In other words, the one who decides to spend more efforts, who strives to acquire more competencies to be more productive in the three brains or in the 14 sub-systems and their 4 levels would be entitled to a corresponding share or draft of the sur-plus.

Humanity has nobody governing it except itself acting according to the natural metrics and conditioning inherent to energy or nature from which it emerged. As the interplay of the three subgroups is confined to a triadic playing field or cage, moving ordinarily “two against one”, some tools, commands, and moral or legal arrangements to control out-bursts of violence and war, have recurrently been proposed by religion, philosophy, poli-tics, ideologies and the like. History has documented different evolutionary arrange-ments such as clans, tribes, rural communities, city-states, feudalism, Capitalism, So-cialism and more. Different kinds of social or life order evolved under the major influ-ence of Man’s ways of producing the means for survival, reproduction and coexistence and the corresponding quality of life, his kind and amount of available energy and effi-ciency of technology; kind of organization of work and productivity; stage of develop-ment of entrepreneurship and knowledge among the three subgroups; needs and aspi-rations of families, corporations and nations; philosophy of life for the present and the future and so forth.

The actual model or arrangement of Political Power, Economic Power and Sacred Power known as the democratic model of the Western World has been created by Eng-land and the United States and followed by other European nations, initially Anglo-Saxons, at the onset of the Modern age (XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries). It has been very effective during the heroic industrial era, which is already gone. And so is the Western democracy model or “economic order”, for not matching the world new needs and chal-lenges posed by the third millennium’s globalization.

The mastering of quantum energy, of nuclear power and the information technologies are breaking down with local and national boundaries and erecting the technectronic globalized mode of survival that we call the “World Game Show”. This phenomenon re-quires a new world arrangement, now comprising the whole cage and its global games, with needs and interests above those of solely local or national smaller cages. The for-mer ought to design a new whole order consistent with the whole world cage: empires like the Anglo-American-Israeli can no longer be admitted; neither can radical national-ists, fully independent parallel powers, absolute individualists or their promoters – the actual State, the actual economic and sacred powers. We are entering the Post-Modern Era in which “another world might be possible”. A new world managed by, with, and for the three subgroups proportionally, without delegation or renunciation of power that le-gitimizes the political gansgsterism of an unaccountable officialdom.

With today’s information technology, a nation can carry weekly, monthly, even daily plebiscites as demonstrated by the numerous weekly lotteries and around the clock banking services. It is possible to get rid of the historical fraud of politicians pretending to represent us and the common good while usurping and manipulating our collective in-terests, money and hopes.

Religious wars and confrontations indicate that we failed in attaining the goal of ecu-menism. The actual religious denominations are still mixed with nationalism, regional ethnicity and cultures caught in a phase of theocracy (the trick of proclaiming oneself as chosen by God to rule the world or the delusion of being told by God to go into war…). Everyone ought to discover the superior transcendent stances of energy and being, within which (s)he is whirling, and overcome the childish gods invented or projected by an unconscious mind as a recurrence of father, mother, government and their courts, or gods invented by clever official subgroups as disguises for their atrocities – alleging God’s will, divine providence, the market’s invisible hand, and so forth.

The goal here is to achieve tricerebral autonomy, mainly in the right brain that is prone to love, faith, worship, ethics, aesthetics and to navigate the infinite. But the starting point is to be in love with the whole ecosystem and all its participants, to develop a new spiritual awareness above any religious fundamentalism or partisanship, above any dogmatic bible and master, above any denial of any side other than “mine”. It is more easily attained by better knowledge of each one’s three brains to overcome mytholo-gies, superstitions and to reframe the so called paranormal phenomena (visions, spiri-tual surgery, healing, etc.) They are a mere product of the brain working under what are actually the rhythm alpha waves, having nothing to do with religion, God and devil or spells cast by evil-doing spirits, in spite of the exploitation by priests and pagans the world over.

The universe is triune and full of interlaced circles and levels of vibration, but not se-cluded in two layers, one natural and the other supernatural. Meditation is one of the outstanding techniques to make progress in spirituality and in the quest for higher val-ues and meaning of life. True meditation and religiosity require those same alpha brain waves to feel the re-linking of all that is separate or isolated and envision the great and unique tri-unitary entity the world is in the intimate nature of being. All that works against this humanistic path and journey or against a better life within the whole ecosystem should be disposed of, superseded and abandoned, be they political regimes, economic ideologies or religious creeds.




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Is a systems theory based on the Quan-tum Physics discovery of quarks existing and playing as “triplets”, rotating positions and recombining to form different systems. These triune sets act as the underlying governing dynamics of any reality. And is the core concept of the Manifesto of Social Cybernetics for Proportionalism.
It is the ethical and juridical regulating principle of any triadic game: Win-Win-Win proportionally!
It is a mathematical-artistic-practical concept to de-scribe the limits keeping the maximocratic forces of any triadic game from dismantling the system they belong to. Proportionality is made of recurring (frac-tal) triune modules of approximately 62% per 38% as we can see in an arm or a finger. In Social and Human Sciences and arts it is referred to as equilib-rium, equity, justice, order, balance and beauty.